PDF of Resume

Job Experience

Cognitive Spring – 2018 - Present

Principal Engineer: Computer Vision, Deep Learning

TensorFlow and PyTorch:

  • Image classification of crops and non crop photos with ResNet in TensorFlow
  • YOLOv4 for object detection of disease, pest damage and weeds within crops using PyTorch
  • Full stack ML from labeling images, training models, deploying to serverless AWS and integrating results with React
  • Working with TensorFlow to create complex humanoid motor control theory
  • Deployment of machine learning to both edge devices and the cloud in AWS lambda’s for a low cost solution


  • Hardware integration with MFI certification
  • iOS rapid development of MVP’s using Swift
  • Wireless integration with bonjour and cross platform communication
  • Developing products for grant research for professors a leading university in the medical industry
  • Using Depth Camera for point clouds and CoreML for object segmentation and SLAM


  • Designing and Creation of cSpring humanoid robot development project
  • Integration of IMU data and point cloud data from OpenNI cameras
  • Creating PCB to route signals and handle power management for mobile robotics
  • 3D point cloud localization and mapping with SLAM for custom environments
  • Mechanical engineering design of complex robot joints, CAD and 3D Printing

Mobisante – 2016 - 2018

Principal Software Engineer, Medical Hardware

  • Formed a agile team and helped create the culture and agile process to unify our skills
  • Hired a team of engineers from diverse backgrounds such as the Test team, QA, Business Analyst and Software Engineers.
  • Worked with Product Managers to envision the best path forward for our product. Translated visions into a distilled direction that would be consistent and clear.
  • Leading status meetings to bring our team together and up to speed on everyone’s work.
  • Designed architecture for portable ultrasound system
  • Created Interfaces for hardware API’s to integrate systems from many different hardware venders.
  • Created architecture for cloud archiving and retrieval of ultrasound data. The data was collected in a way that would lend itself to being useful to LSTM Neural Networks.
  • Rapid prototyping of software and hardware for bringing a product to market
  • Worked with HoloLens to develop proof of concepts for the future of medicine
  • Created industrial designs in CAD, 3D printed designs and built proof of concepts to show investors

Hunter Engineering – 2012 - 2016

R&D Engineer - Computer Vision, New Product Development

  • Creation of system for measuring wheel dimensions and detecting features such as installed weights
  • HPrimary focus on the algorithms for using the laser blobs and determining rim profiles from the images that the camera system captures. This was used to replace the manual dataset arms.
  • To decipher data from images I used probabilistic learning algorithms to merge artificial intelligence and computer vision into a product for the company.
  • The improvements our team made were a huge success, and they helped increase sales of the Balancer product significantly.
  • Contribute design ideas toward patents and future products for the company
  • Evaluation of new stereo vision based technologies
  • I created a system of measuring runout and detecting other features, which we've patented, using rim profiles and an average profile to determine features on the wheel.
  • I helped our lawyers evaluate patents for determining what we can create. I also discussed new ideas with lawyers to determine if the ideas would be new and novel ideas.
  • New product development from Design and Research to Development, Beta Testing and Production 3D Design of STL files both programmatically and by CAD for use with our 3D printer
  • I created a calibration procedure for manufacturing of the camera based laser measurement system to determine the exact relationship between laser and camera of each configuration.

Byrne Software Technologies Inc. – 2006 - 2011

Senior Software Engineer

  • Computer vision processing using OpenCV integrated with IOS through C++
  • Embedded handheld computer development for integrated systems
  • High-Level Object-Oriented Design and Implementation
  • Systems integration using various off the shelf modules for rapid development
  • High volume multi-threaded application development
  • Creation of polymorphic drop in plug and play DLL’s
  • Meeting with clientele to discuss new project proposals
  • Continually demanded by clients to return and help with additional projects

BBA-reman – 2004 - 2006

Software Engineer

  • Embedded applications for use on 8051 microprocessors
  • Research, Designed and Made ABS test equipment.
  • CANbus network integration and packet creation
  • Data acquisition and communication with automotive ECU's
  • Expanding product lines through systems integration with research & development
  • Responsible for the streamlining of the manufacturing process through a digital job board I created
  • Traveled to India to live for 6 months while I hired and trained engineers
  • Increased sales over $100,000 per month within 6 months through the new website
  • Reduced warranty re-work by 75% by engineering effective test equipment
  • Worked with CEO to expand business to cutting edge product development


  • M.S. in Computer Engineering: Washington University
  • B.S. in Computer Science: Concordia University
  • Minor: Physics, Mathematics: Concordia University
  • GPA: 3.75

Professional History

  • 18–P Principal R&D Engineer, Cognitive Spring (StL)
  • 16–18 Principal Software Engineer, Mobisante (StL)
  • 11–16 Principal R&D Engineer, Hunter Engineering (StL)
  • 06–11 Senior Software Engineer, Byrne Software (StL)
  • 04–06 Software Engineer, BBA (UK, India)

Worked Experience:

  • London (2004)
  • Kolkata(2005)
  • Saint Louis(2006)
  • 20 years of engineering experience
  • Note: 12 years of leadership experience
  • Target Role: Leading a team of engineers, as a very solid individual contributor

Relevant Projects

  • TensorFlow Motor Cortex for cSpring Biped Robot
  • Wash UAV autonomous helicopter
  • STRIPES planning algorithms
  • Nonlinear Voronoi diagram with Google maps Simultaneous localization and mapping
  • 3D point cloud for optic flow in SLAM algorithms Neural Network Back Propagation in TensorFlow Support
  • Vector Machines for Machine Learning

Relevant Technologies

  • C#, C++, SQL, Javascript, three.js, Swift, Objective C, Assembly, Java, Python, Visual Studio, Eclipse, TFS, GIT, OpenCV, OpenNI, TensorFlow